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Is it me or does everyone want to learn how to make videos and capture every second of our lives along with the nanoseconds in between?


Last December, it was me. I was watching YouTube and, well, one thing led to another and there I was following this young woman who liked home renovation, dogs and making videos. Her stream of consciousness script went right to my heart. I did just use the phrase, “stream of consciousness,” but now I’m pretty sure she scripted her recordings; nonetheless, I enjoyed hearing about her life.

So when her boyfriend, who became her husband, cheated on her, well, I was just heartbroken for her. But hey, she divorced him and picked up the pieces, making it big in the influencer world after he was gone (so there is that).

Our Cult of Personality

Our cult of personality has grown and the internet still offers a level playing field to those who want to make their mark beyond their local community. A person can extend their reach through the internet and grow their “personal brand” with a camera and a keyboard.

Why be left in the dust, I thought, when it appears everyone is making Youtube videos?

So what did I do? I bought a camera and a tripod. And lighting. I did. I admit it. I followed those links in the text below her video and eagerly awaited the arrival of my Amazon package.

But where do I go to learn how to use that phone or camera to make videos? And how do I process the videos after making them? Where do I upload my videos?

Don’t get me wrong, I have some skills. I did make a Vlog a couple months back and sent it to my daughter. And just last week, I uploaded a Vlog to YouTube complete with a splash screen.

But I know there’s more to it than that. How to make YouTube videos is a hot topic and there are a ton of people in this space: making videos about making videos. I thought I would take it slow and ask Google how to start a YouTube Channel and that worked out fine.

Here’s what I learned: Google has its own video creation platform and you could start there with just your phone and Google’s Creator Studio. And after you’ve played with Google tools, you can branch out to TikTok and Instagram.

But here’s the thing: making videos is not as easy as I thought it would be. It is really time-consuming! It is a production!

So, a VLog is good for me now because by definition it isn’t expected to be fancy. I can use my phone, upload to my YouTube Channel and start slow.

Welcome to! This website is a pop culture blog about our obsession with making, sharing and viewing videos. Anyone with a camera can participate in this pop culture and say Watch Me Web!

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